The Slavich Family

Welcome to Black Bear Lodge! Meet Jim and Jillian, the proud owners of this incredible wilderness getaway. Their journey with Black Bear Lodge goes far beyond mere ownership – they’ve been part of this beautiful retreat since their earliest days.

Jim’s connection with Black Bear Lodge dates back to 1984, while Jillian joined the Black Bear family in 1997. Their shared love for this place blossomed over the years, and it even became the setting for their own love story. In 2004, they celebrated their honeymoon right here at Black Bear Lodge.

Taking over the lodge in the summer of 2006 was a dream come true for Jim and Jillian. They made Red Lake, Ontario, their summer home and have dedicated themselves to preserving the rich history and traditions that make this place so special.

Both of them were born and raised in a Northwest suburb of Chicago. In 2003, they made the move to Kalamazoo, MI, where they lived for 12 years before settling in Taylorsville, KY, their current residence for the past 7 years.

Jim’s career has revolved around his passion for gymnastics. With an impressive 37 years of coaching experience at a private club, he has left an indelible mark on the sport. Jillian also had a long coaching career spanning 27 years. After a short retirement from the sport, Jillian has decided to step back into the coaching world, bringing her extensive expertise back to the forefront once more. Beyond gymnastics, Jillian is an Independent Norwex Consultant. She finds joy in educating others about chemical-free cleaning solutions for homes, cars, pets, and more.

In April of 2009, their daughter Josie was born, becoming acquainted with Black Bear Lodge at just 10 days old. Their son, Jeremiah, joined the family in November of 2012, and by the time he was 6 months old, he was already enjoying his first summer at camp. As a family, they’ve embraced homeschooling since 2013, juggling busy lives and a commitment to providing their children with a well-rounded education.

As the proud owners of Black Bear Lodge, their goal is to honor the camp’s history of over 70 years. This place is more than just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary of breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and unparalleled fishing and outdoor experiences. They understand that Black Bear Lodge holds a special place in the hearts of many people across the nation. Jim and Jillian are dedicated to continuing to offer a genuine wilderness experience for all their guests. The legacy of Black Bear Lodge lives on through the adventures, connections, and memories created here.

Jim and Jillian eagerly await the joy of welcoming you into their Black Bear Lodge family!