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Jim and Jillian are not only the owners of Black Bear Lodge, but also long time guests.  For the past 33 summers Jim and Jillian have made more than 41 separate trips to up to Black Bear Lodge, including their honeymoon in 2004.  They took over the camp in the summer of 2006 and have now made Red Lake, Ontario their summer home.

Jim and Jillian were both born and raised in a Northwest suburb of Chicago, but have since moved to Kalamazoo, MI and now reside in Taylorsville KY.  They spend their winters fulfilling their other passion; working with children.  Jim and Jillian both coach gymnastics for a private club.

In April of 2009 Jim and Jillian gave birth to their daughter, Josie.  Josie is no stranger to Black Bear Lodge as she was only 10 days old when she made her first trip to camp.  Jeremiah was born in November of 2012.  He enjoyed his first summer at camp when he was 6 months old.

As owners of Black Bear Lodge, Jim and Jillian aim to preserve the history and tradition of the camp as it has been for over 69 years – with its breath taking scenery, abundant wildlife, and exceptional fishing and hunting.  Black Bear Lodge has become a special place for many people from across the Nation.  It is Jim and Jillian’s commitment to continue to offer a true wilderness experience for all of their guests.