What to Bring
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We Don’t Carry Licenses
We do not carry fishing licenses.  Purchase your fishing licenses on line before you arrive.  Every three years you will also need to purchase an Out Doors card.

Catch and Release Policy
Although we do not have a required catch and release policy for our guests, we strongly encourage all fishermen to be environmentally responsible.  In order to maintain the strong fishery that we have had over the years, fishermen are encouraged to release all trophy sized fish and to keep only those fish they wish to eat at their shore lunch.  With the cost of fiberglass replicas going down every year, we would prefer that our customers take some quick photos and measurements of their trophy and then release the fish so that others may have a chance to enjoy the thrill of catching that fish another day.

Shore Lunches
You are more than welcome to have a shore lunch with the fish you caught that day.  We will supply you with a propane burner, propane tank, deep frying pot or pan, potatoes, onions, oil, plates, silverware, and spices.  Please sign up in the Main Lodge at least one day before you plan to have your shore lunch.  (NOTE: Ontario law does not allow you to transport any fish to a shore lunch that has been previously gutted, filleted, or cleaned.  All fish must be whole and be from that days fishing.)  We will provide you with the equipment for one free shore lunch.  If you are interested in doing more than one there will be a charge, unless we know at least a month ahead of time, so we can order supplies appropriately.

Labeling and Transporting Fish
Each fish must be in its own bag.  The bag must have on it: the name of the person who caught it, the species of fish, and whether it is over or under.  The fish must have at least two inches of skin on each fillet half and be laying flat so an approximate length can be determined.

Fish may not be fillet or butchered during transportation on the lake.  It must be kept whole so that it is easily identifiable by length and species.
Fish brought home must be labeled as mentioned above.  Also, they many only be transported in the same vehicle as the license holder.
Please bring your own bags for your fish.

What is Included in the Fishing Package?

LODGING- 7 nights
BOAT AND MOTOR- 16 ft boat & at least a 15 hp motor (upgrades to an 18 ft. boat with 25 hp motor avail.)
GAS- 5 gal. per day per boat (including personal boats)
MEALS- Breakfast and Dinner to be served in Main Lodge. Lunches put out in the morning for you make and take out on the water with you.  Also you may sign up for ONE free shore lunch.  If you want to do more please let me know at least a month ahead or there will be a small fee to cover extra supplies.

ICE/FREEZER- We have all the ice you need to keep your fish cooled.  If you know you are taking home specific fish you may freeze them solid in one of our deep freezers set aside for this purpose.

CANADIAN TAXES- the 13% HST is included in the price!!
***Please note that Saturday lunch is not provided.

Species of Fish Information
Red Lake has Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, some Muskie, and some Small Mouth Bass.  It also has White Fish, Burbot, and perch (some jumbo size). Walleye season opener is always the third Saturday in May. Muskie season opener is the third Saturday in June. All other fish are open all season.

For more information on what type of tackle to use, or techniques on fishing for specific species please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Lake Map/Portage Lakes
We have access to at least 5 portage lakes. Each lake (except Parker and Flat) has a boat and a motor already on it. Some of the portage lakes you get to by boating to the portage and walking a short distance to the desired lake. Other portage lakes are just down the road from camp. You will need to drive the short distance before walking to the lake. The portage lakes that we have access to are: Parker, Bridgett,  Suffel, Some of the No Name Lakes, and Flat Lake (known as the Muskie Lake).

dock_with_boatsBoat Set Up
We have 16 foot boats (Naden, Aluminamarine, or Lund) with at least a 15 Hp out board motor (Honda or Mercury).  Every boat has swivel boat seats, landing nets, seat cushions, two paddles, emergency throw line, and whistle.  Each boat is provided with 5 gal. of gas per day.  There will be 2-3 passengers per boat, although we try to keep the ratio at 2 adults per boat.

We also have 18 ft. boats with a 25 Honda (4 stroke- pull start) for an additional fee.  There are only a few of these so you need to set this up in advance with us.

Bringing your own boat is also an option if you wish.  We have a separate dock for personal boats.  There are extension cords on the dock to charge your battery. You do need to launch your personal boat in town as we don’t have a boat launch at camp.  St. Pauls Bay launch is really nice and much closer to camp than the public launch in town.

Please provide your own personal flotation device and waterproof flashlight, required by Canadian law.


We sell a variety of live bait at camp. We will always have minnows, but will get Night Crawlers and Leaches upon request.  If you are looking to order a large amount please let us know in advance (before May 1st if possible).  We will do our best to accommodate you.  You are also welcome to bring your own live bait (purchased in Canada).

Small Minnows = price TBD/doz as we get nearer summer
Large Minnows = price TBD/doz as we get nearer summer
Night Crawlers = price TBD per doz/flat as we get nearer summer  (We don’t always have these.  They are also subject to prices in town)
Leaches = Hard to get in Red Lake, but will try to get some if needed.

(note: all prices are subject to change based on our suppliers’ prices)


Ask For Details as needed.