The Main Lodge – A place to Eat, Play, Relax, and enjoy

The Main Lodge is an awe-inspiring log cabin that anchors our camp’s spirit. When you step inside, you’re welcomed by the rustic beauty of this central gathering place. Our expansive dining area takes center stage, where our guests from all over come together to enjoy tasty meals and make lifelong friends.

The Gathering Place

Adjacent to the dining area, our cozy lounge area features rustic log furniture, offering a place to unwind and share stories of the day’s adventures. Whether you’re seeking relaxation with a good book, engaging in lively conversations, or simply soaking in the ambiance, this space is yours to enjoy. For those seeking a little friendly competition, our Main Lodge boasts a shuffleboard table and ample space for card games and board games, providing opportunities for fun and new friendships to flourish.

One unique feature of the Main Lodge is the giant lake map found on one of the tables. It’s where guests gather to discuss their favorite fishing spots, exchange tips, and plan their angling excursions. This map serves as your guide to the best fishing spots on our picturesque lake, ensuring a rewarding day on the water.

Don’t forget to explore our souvenirs available in the Main Lodge, where you can take home a piece of Black Bear Lodge as a memento of your unforgettable experience.

In the Main Lodge, adventure and fellowship intertwine, giving life to cherished memories that will endure long after your stay at Black Bear Lodge.

Main Lodge Walkthrough

Main Lodge Gallery