Small Mouth Fishing on Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

Smallmouth Bass, known for their distinctive small mouths, are prized freshwater game fish in North America. Their striking appearance, with bronze to olive-green bodies and vertical stripes, makes them a favorite among anglers. These fish are revered for their fierce fighting spirit when hooked, often leaping out of the water to challenge fishermen. Smallmouth Bass are voracious predators, typically preying on smaller fish, crayfish, and aquatic insects. Their widespread presence in rivers, lakes, and streams makes them a sought-after catch for anglers of all levels.

Amazing Small Mouth Fishing Awaits at Black Bear Lodge

In recent years, Smallmouth Bass have emerged as a prominent and sought-after fish species in the waters of Red Lake, Ontario. The surge in their population has turned the lake into a true Smallmouth Bass fishing paradise. This summer, our delighted guests had the incredible opportunity to reel in over 400 Smallies during their stay. Many of these impressive catches measured 16+ inches in length, with the largest bass boasting a whopping 20 inches. What’s even more remarkable is that these remarkable fish were caught throughout the lake, including right off our very own dock. Red Lake has truly become a haven for anglers looking to land trophy-sized Smallmouth Bass in a breathtaking natural setting.

Small Mouth Bass Gallery