Our friend takes ice measurements in Howey Bay (in town).  The ice is looking to be on a mission to go out earlier than later this year.  Once the lake starts turning black it then starts to candle and also pull away from the edges.  All of this is already happening on the main lake.  Our bay has two creeks that feed into it so we usually have ice out a week before the main lake.  I have a feeling we will have some open water before we get there sometime in the next week or so!  This is a great thing, because as you know, the lake is our water source.  When we have open water Jim can then connect and set up the whole water system to pump water from the lake up into our big water tower and be purified through 5 different filter systems.  If the nights are below freezing he has to pull the pump out and make sure we don’t crack pipes under buildings but that is all part of being at camp and the camp life!

Once we get water we can start cleaning the kitchen and making ourselves meals in there. Until that point we have premade meals and things we can just grab easily.  Trying to use minimal dishes until we have water to clean them of course. With water all hooked up we can clean all the cabins, out houses, fish house, etc.

I am hoping to keep making lots of posts of our fun trip to camp and getting things set up so keep a look out in the next few weeks.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET TO CAMP.  5 months of nothing but being surrounded by nature….oh and working our tails off helping you all have the best vacation you can.  Excited to see everyone again, hanging out in the Main Lodge, getting to cook in my BIG kitchen, seeing pictures of all the fish you catch, and enjoying camp life to the max!