As we dive into preparations, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what’s been keeping us busy behind the scenes. With just a little over two months until we head off to camp, the hustle is real, but oh-so-worth it! Only 86 days til opener!

📝 Jim’s Corner: Yearly ritual ensues as Jim meticulously tends to the dual realms of Canadian and US tax obligations, each intricacy methodically checked off his annual to-do list. Amidst the annual tax wrangle, there’s also the formidable task of navigating the bureaucratic maze of border-crossing paperwork. The Manifest alone is a comprehensive list detailing everything we’re taking across – from its cost, place of origin, to the quantity of each item.He is diligently working on paperwork required for our broker, work permits, and even demonstrating our contribution to the Canadian economy.The border-crossing process alone is a feat, but Jim’s meticulous attention to detail ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible. Plus, with the addition of new requirements this year, Jim’s expertise is more invaluable than ever. Let’s not forget the myriad other documents required for bait licenses, permits, and likely a few more that slip my mind in the midst of it all. He’s also diligently compiling lists of essentials we need to order from here, ensuring we have everything we need for a seamless transition.

🗓️ Jillian’s Corner: Meanwhile, I’ve been on a mission to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s on our calendar, making sure every booking is locked in and ready to roll for your arrival. But that’s not all – I’ve been pouring my creative energy into designing some fresh new shirt designs and (fingers crossed!) some snazzy new travel and regular coffee mugs. It’s been quite the journey finding a new supplier after the challenges of C-19, but I’m thrilled to be partnering with a small business to bring you a selection of goodies for our camp store. Plus, I’ve got my own checklist of essentials to order and pack before we bid adieu to civilization for the summer.

Of course, Jim and I are still balancing our Gymnastics coaching jobs (we are in the heart of meet season traveling all over on many weekends), homeschooling, Josie’s Civil Air Patrol activities, and other “normal” life happenings!

With every passing day, our excitement grows, and we simply can’t wait to reunite with all of you at camp. The memories we’ll make, the adventures we’ll embark on – it’s going to be legendary!

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown the days until we’re back in our beloved camp paradise. Until then, keep the campfire burning bright in your hearts! 🔥✨