In the spirit of that iconic “Friends” episode featuring the infamous PIVOT scene, we’re shifting gears to enhance your experience with us.  While we’ll still share updates on Facebook, many posts will be a teaser—encouraging you to explore the full content on our website.

💻 Why the Change? 

Acknowledging that not all our guests are on Facebook, or perhaps joined solely to stay connected with us, our enhanced website now allows us to share the magic of our lodge with a broader audience. This transition isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s also about amplifying our online footprint. As owners, we’re committed to sharing the unique experience of our lodge, ensuring its lasting legacy. This shift will provide you with more ways to connect with us.

🗓️ What Will This Look Like:

Regular Website Updates: Enjoy fresh content directly on our website.

Occasional Facebook Highlights: Unleashing the fun on Facebook! Even as we pivot towards our website, we’ll continue to sprinkle some excitement on Facebook.

Seamless Integration: Facebook posts lead to the full stories on our website.

👥 Your Choice:

Whether you prefer Facebook or want to explore deeper on our website, the choice is yours! We cherish our incredible following on Facebook and want to assure you that this shift is about adapting and offering more choices without losing anyone. Your support means the world to us.