General Information

  • We offer spring and fall bear hunts.
  • Click here to view the Travel Check List for hunters.
  • All Hunters are required to wear Blaze/Hunter orange.  Hunters may remove Blaze orange while in their tree stand.  A hunter orange garment and head cover must be worn.  The garment must cover a min. of 400 sq. inches above the waist and be visible from all sides.  Open mesh or Camo. Orange must not be part of the 400 sq. inches.  A hunting coat or vest generally meets this requirement.  Please see the hunting regs. (below) for more information.
  • Please bring your own tree stand and harness.
  • If you have an ATV please bring it.  We do have some sites that you can drive to if you do not have an ATV, or we can drop you off and pick you up at set times.
  • We pre-bait our sites and try to get as many trail cam picts as possible before our hunters arrive.

paw_print_in_mudHunting Package Information

THESE PRICES INCLUDE the 13% HST (Canadian Taxes)

2023- $2400 per week


TWO ACTIVE BAIT STANDS PER HUNTER (we usually have more but this is a minimum)
LODGING- 7 nights
BOAT AND MOTOR- 16 ft boat & 15 hp motor (upgrades to an 18 ft. boat with 25 hp motor avail.)
GAS- 5 gal. per day per boat (including personal boats)
MEALS- Breakfast and Dinner to be served in Main Lodge. Lunches are either put out in the morning for you make and take out on the water/stand with you OR provided hot before you go out to hunt. TBD per day as needed.  Shore Lunch is also an option.
***Please note that Saturday lunch is not provided.

ICE/FREEZER- We have all the ice you need to keep your fish cooled. If you know you are taking home specific fish you may freeze them solid in one of our deep freezers set aside for this purpose.

We also have a deep freezer for your trophy bear so it is solid to go home.

CANADIAN TAXES- the 13% HST is included in the cost of your trip.

A $800.00 non-refundable deposit is required to book your trip.  The other two deposits of $800 are due before April 1st of the year you are hunting.

***The above is for 2023 hunts. Hunts booked for future years just divide total into three payments. The deposit is due right away. The other two payments are due before April 1st of the year you booked. (Payment ahead of schedule is always welcome!)

Hunting Stats                                                    brown_bear

We currently have a good shot opportunity percentage and have harvested over 60 bears in the past 13 years!

We have a great bear population.  There are lots of 250 lb. – 350 lb. bears.  We have seen and harvested bears as big as 400 and 550 lbs. as well as many Color Phase bears.


Hunting Management Area

We have about 150 square miles of hunting property.

standing_bear_at_baitHunting Site Information

We offer two active baited stands per hunter.  There are sites suitable for ground blinds as well as ladder stands.  There are set ups for both bow and gun available.



Weapon of Choice

You may use a bow or a gun.

Rifle Yes – Centre-fire rifle only

Shotgun Yes – Shotgun not smaller than 20 gauge when using shot; shot size must be SG or number one buck or larger.

Muzzle-loader Yes

Bow Yes – Bow must have a draw weight of at least 22 kilograms (48.5 pounds) at a draw length of 700 millimetres (27.6 inches) or less.

Arrows must be at least 600 millimetres (23.6 inches) long and have at a minimum a 22 millimetres (0.87 inches) wide broadhead with at least two sharp cutting edges.

Crossbow Yes – Crossbow must have a draw length of at least 300 millimetres (11.8 inches) and a draw weight of at least 54 kilograms (119 pounds).

Bolts at a minimum must have a 22 millimetres (0.87 inches) wide broadhead with at least two sharp cutting edges.


Contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000 or


Hunting Regulations:

Firearm Declaration Forms:

  • Fire arms declaration forms are available on line at the above address (click on facts sheet) or you may call the Canadian fire arms information line at 1-800-731-4000
  • Opening day of bear hunt is August 15th
  • A hunter must be at least 16 years old
  • All hunters must have taken a safety course.  Please see Hunting Regs.
  • You also need to register your gun at the border.  The fee is about $50.  There is not a registration fee for your bow.
  • There will also be an Export Fee to get your trophy back across the border.  The fee is about $35.

We do not carry hunting licenses or Outdoors Cards at camp .  You should purchase these on line before you arrive at camp.  2022 license fees were $241 plus $9 outdoors card.  Rates for 2023 aren’t posted yet (as of Dec of 2022).


Please call for names and numbers of past hunters!