There is not a public phone located in camp.

In the event of an EMERGENCY we do have internet and a phone we can use.  We DO NOT give out our phone number or internet password.  We have it to be able to keep in contact with our guests easier and for emergency weather updates or issues that may arise.

If you are needed to be reached by a family member while you are at camp due to an emergency, they are to email us and we will take proper actions to get you to a phone or email back if needed.  We do check our email often, but don’t want camp to turn into Starbucks and have everyone on their phones and computers.  You are here to get away from it all!  Rest assure our system has never failed us.

If you need to contact someone back home just to touch bases, lots of cell phones work out on the big waters or some at the top of the trail.  There are also public phones located in the nearby Town of Red Lake and you may rent a computer at the public library for $1.00/hour.  If you just want family/friends to know you arrived safely to camp we can always send the an email for you.