The family is packing like crazy and getting ready to head up to camp this week.  Wish up safe travels and happy children for the duration of the trip!  We will see you all soon for a great vacation!!

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Not that I am counting but there is only 14 1/2 weeks until OPENER!  Of course we will be there before then but look forward to seeing you all there soon after!!!!!

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We will be at the Tinley Park High School Fishing Show THIS WEEKEND….Feb. 13-14.  Both Days are 9-5. The website is:

Check it out.  It is a very well run and full show.  Free parking too!

I will be in the basket ball gym next to the beef jerky booth!

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Thanks to the Hunters for a great week!

Jillian and I would like to give a big thanks to the all of the hunters. They were all well prepared and patient.That is a good combo for making a quality and quick kill shot. They also worked well as a team when it came time to recover and haul out each bear.Thanks also to my buddy Paul who offered his services when it came time to recover the bears. His strong back helped transport the bears, while his quick feet helped find the road 😉 I would also like to thank Bill Griffin for organizing such a great group of guys.(Bill was scheduled to hunt this year but, because he needed surgery, he could not make the trip. We sure hope you are feeling better and that you will be healthy for next years trip). For me, this was one of the most enjoyable weeks of “bear camp” that I can remember. From the quality of bears taken, to the crazy stories that were told, this was definitely one of the weeks that will be talked about for many years. The only thing that could have made it better was if Shawn could have gotten his bear. He was the only hunter out of five that did not harvest a bear. And believe me, it was not from a lack of effort. He sat on stand longer than all of the other hunters combined. And through it all he kept a positive attitude and was always excited for his buddies when they got their bears. He also helped field dress, drag and video tape the bears for his guys. He is true hunter. Don’t worry Shawn, there are still lots of bears out there, […]

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One and Done

Jay was are only hunter of the week and he is done already. He hunted last night for a couple of hours

before having to leave stand early due to a severe thunderstorm. This afternoon he got on stand at our Goldie locks location around 3pm and shot a nice boar at just after 4pm. Apparently this 300+ lb big boy did not mind moving in the heat. Jay shot him at 17 yds with his crossbow. A perfect shot and the bear still ran close to 100yds. Thanks to my friend Sam for helping us carry the bear out of the woods.

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Jack got his bear!

Congrats to Jack for shooting his first black bear last night. He shot a nice young boar with his 12 ga at about 2.5 yards. (No that is not 25 yds it really was 2 1/2 yds). He dropped the bear in his tracks. A nice quick kill and no tracking for us. Way to go Jack!

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We Have A New Walleye Leader

Russ Spletzer landed this huge 29 inch Walleye last night. I can verify its length, as I was in the boat when he landed this big boy. I was able to sneak in a few hours of fishing while waiting for the hunters to get back. We were able to catch a few more eaters for our cheezers this afternoon and then went out to get yet another bear. See the next blog. Nice job Russ!

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